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How to Wear Sandals and Keep Your Feet Clean

At the end of a long, hot, foot-exposed day, your piggies can look pretty disgusting. After all, sweaty feet are like magnets for dust and dirt.


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So how do you avoid unwanted foot filth?


Here are four simple tips:


1. Get High Wear sandals that have a higher foot bed. The raised sides keep more of the dirt from reaching your soles and toes.


. 2. Keep 'Em Natural Sandals made from materials that breathe—like cork, leather, and rubber—absorb sweat.


3. Wipe Away the Grime Carry Wet Wipes in a travel pack, so you can wipe your feet off in private as needed.


Then just dry your feet with a paper towel and re-sandal. 4. Get Rid of Dead Weight Dirt likes to stick to rough, dry, and dead skin. Use a pumice stone regularly to scrub your heels and feet and keep them smooth.